Evangelization Training via a virtual Catholic Small Group brought to you by our parish’s Legion of Mary begins 29 August

The Legion of Mary will be hosting another virtual Catholic Small Group, this time focusing on evangelization training through the St. Paul Evangelization Institute. This training will benefit all Catholics who desire to share their faith. If you are a Catholic who loves your faith and wants to know how to share it with those in your life (or even with those you have never met before), then this training is for you. Participation is free (although a donation to the SPEI is strongly encouraged). You will be provided weekly videos and a virtual guidebook. This is an 8 week course that will meet virtually from 4-5pm on Sundays for 8 weeks starting August 29th – Oct 17 with a potential break for Labor day weekend. If interested please email Mike Dahlinghaus dahlingh@gmail.com.

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