mini-Bulletin: Week of 10 April 2022

Pre-Conciliar Liturgy Schedule at Holy Family, Davenport (and St Patrick, Iowa City) April Day, Time Commemoration Intention 10 Sunday       8:45 a.m. Liturgy of Palm Sunday – no confessions before Mass today John Nonnemann 10 Sunday       2:30 p.m. Palm Sunday – St Patrick’s, Iowa City   11 Monday 12:05 p.m.    Holy Monday Rev F C JeanContinue reading “mini-Bulletin: Week of 10 April 2022”

Passiontide begins this Sunday with the Mass of Passion Sunday

After having proposed the forty-days’ fast of Jesus in the desert to the meditation of the faithful during the first four weeks of Lent, the holy Church gives the two weeks which still remain before Easter to the commemoration of the Passion. She would not have her children come to that great day of the immolationContinue reading “Passiontide begins this Sunday with the Mass of Passion Sunday”