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Deus, converte nos: et ostende faciem tuam, et salvi erimus.

Let Thy face shine forth: show us Thy friendship, and we shall be saved.

Ps. 79: 4,8,20

We have now embarked upon pre-Lent Gueranger: It is evident that the Christian, who would spend Septuagesima according to the spirit of the Church, must make war upon that false security, that self-satisfaction, which are so common to effeminate and tepid souls, and produce spiritual barrenness. Met. Antony Bloom: “God can save the sinner you are, but not the saint…

Blessed Candlemas!

At the Circumcision, Christ is presented to the Jews. At the Epiphany, Christ is presented to the Gentiles. At the Purification, Christ is presented to God.


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