Tuesday, 7 June – 6:30 pm: Finding Light in Dark Times: An Evening of Inspiration and Illumination

Do you sometimes feel lost in a maze of
uncertainty when you watch the news, alone without a
trustworthy guide to help you navigate through the cloud
of madness? You’re not alone, and there is good news!
God provides the light we need to find our way. All are
invited to hear a presentation on two brilliant Catholic
luminaries: German philosopher, Josef Pieper (1904-
1997), and the witty English journalist, G. K. Chesterton
(1874-1936) on Tuesday, June 7th, in McCarthy Hall at
St. Pius X Catholic Church in Rock Island, from 6:30-
8:30pm. Both men wrote extensively on the political and
social challenges of their times. Their wisdom remains
remarkably apropos for the cultural battles raging
throughout our world today. Dr. L. Joseph Hebert,
Professor of Political Science and Leadership Studies at
St. Ambrose University, will discuss Pieper’s philosophy of
history, and what it can teach us about living virtuously in
a world seemingly on the verge of catastrophe. Jerry
Schroeder, co-founder of the Quad Cities Chesterton
Society, will contribute views on the complementarity
between Pieper and the philosopher’s older counter-part,
Chesterton. Ample time will be allowed for questions and
conversation. The event is hosted by the Quad Cities
Chesterton Society and is free to the public. All are
invited! For more information contact St. Pius member,
Jerry Schroeder, at 309-764-8657.

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