Extra, extra. Read all about it: Being a priest leads one to meet and know the most interesting people

My good friend Anahita is a screenwriter and filmmaker from Iran. Her current project in production brings her to the Quad Cities.

This Saturday the movie she is making will have scenes shot at the Quad Cities International Airport in Moline. And Anahita is asking for Extras (non-spoken part actors to appear in a shot as part of the background scenery) – particularly men and women in their Fifties and Sixties – to be in her film.

It is a short movie that tells the story of an Arab refugee young woman who has lost her whole family and arrived in Iowa all alone. The movie will be a portrait of her as she gets adjusted and finds jobs. It be about her suffering and resilience. And there will be subtle implications of her Christian Faith that has been the cause of her family’s death.

Anahita will be filming the scene of her protagonist’s arrival far, far from home and the persecution she has faced there, at the Quad Cities international airport in Moline this Saturday November 5th in the morning, from around 7am till 11am.

anyone (especially people older than 50 years old) who may like to be extras in a movie and are free that morning between 7:30 -10:30am Could appear in the movie! Just show up, and tell ‘em Father Young sent ya!

You may not receive scale for your work acting that day… but if any dialogue you say gets picked up in the shot you appear in, your name will appear in the Credits- and the Screen Actors Guild has to give you their union card – which is how budding actors get to go to auditions for other films. !

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