PLEASE READ. 3:00 pm Saturday, 10 December- St Alphonsus Church, Davenport: Sacrament of Penance

Father Young will be hearing confessions. He alternates each week doing so at this time between Holy Family and St Al’s

Please try to also go to Confession on Saturdays or on Mondays and Fridays before the 12:05 and 7:15 Masses at Holy Family.

Please continue to instruct your children that venial sins are forgiven by their attentive hearing of Holy Mass – not just by going to Confession with the priest. It is probably not requisite and necessary for young children to celebrate reconciliation Every week… This does have its effect on the time priests can devote to hearing the confessions of other, older parishioners – recently reverts to Catholic practice- who face more complex moral challenges due to their state of life, more potent temptations due to their being out in the world than do youths.

Please examine your consciences throughly before approaching reconciliation. Please pray daily for Specific graces in order to overcome your habitual sins. Pray the holy Rosary. Pray to Our Lady of Sorrows to reveal to you what’s driving your chief, besetting sin.

Father Nicolas has announced, based on the wishes of Bp Zinkula, that Confessions will no longer be heard after the start of the Gloria (well, the Kyrie in Advent and Lent) on Sundays at Holy Family.

AND – Beginning next month, Father Nicolas will be unable to continue hearing confessions on Sundays before and during Sunday Mass at all, as he has decided to add a second Sunday Mass at St Al’s at 11:00 am. that he will be presiding at each week.

So, given the number of people in our community who only go to Confession on Sundays, and that it will just be Fr Young hearing confessions (starting at 10:10 am) soon, it’s important than some of us branch out and receive absolution regularly during other scheduled times- or by appointment with me. That you come Earlier on Sunday to get in line, if Sundays are the only time you can get to Confession. Adults should generally try to make a good confession at least once per month.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation and understanding.

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