2 July, First Saturday: Feast of the Visitation of the BVM

8:00 am Mass, in the Ordinary Form, St Alphonsus church, Davenport. Confessions 7:30. Offered by Fr Young, intended for the happiness of Ellie Tarpey, whom he first met in 2003, when he was an Episcopal priest, and who will be married later this day, at Sacred Heart Rock Island, erstwhile parish of the late, beloved Fr Jerry Logan, who was instrumental in Fr Young’s conversion to the Roman Church.

Or, if you prefer, Holy Mass according to the pre-Conciliar Rite will be offered at O L Guadalupe parish, Silvis, Illinois also at 8:00.

The fruit of this mystery is humility

Today is the Feast of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

I’m looking forward to enthronement at two homes of members our our community today, as I have so done in previous years. Here’s a photo of a family and their home in Ireland ninety years ago when Ireland was still Catholic. Today, we take steady, determined small steps as faithful ‘restorationists’.

St Margaret Mary: Pray for a us!

More babies, please