mini-Bulletin: Week of 10 April 2022

Pre-Conciliar Liturgy Schedule at Holy Family, Davenport (and St Patrick, Iowa City)

AprilDay, TimeCommemorationIntention
10Sunday       8:45 a.m.Liturgy of Palm Sundayno confessions before Mass todayJohn Nonnemann
10Sunday       2:30 p.m.Palm SundaySt Patrick’s, Iowa City 
12:05 p.m.   
Holy MondayRev F C Jean
12Tuesday      5:30 p.m.Holy TuesdayMolly & Jahr
14Thursday     Pre-conciliar liturgy not permitted during the Triduum 
15FridayPre-conciliar liturgy not permitted during the Triduum 
16SaturdayPre-conciliar liturgy not permitted during the Triduum 
17Sunday       9:00 a.m.Easter Sunday (Novus Ordo) – Pre-conciliar liturgy not permitted on Easter SundayKathleen & Joe           Grace Kats
17Sunday       2:30 p.m.Easter Sunday (Mass cancelled) – St Patrick’s, Iowa City –  Pre-conciliar liturgy not permitted on Easter Sunday 

Passiontide begins this Sunday with the Mass of Passion Sunday

After having proposed the forty-days’ fast of Jesus in the desert to the meditation of the faithful during the first four weeks of Lent, the holy Church gives the two weeks which still remain before Easter to the commemoration of the Passion. She would not have her children come to that great day of the immolation of the Lamb (Good Friday), without having prepared for it by compassionating with Him in the sufferings He endured in their stead. Dom P. G.

This day is called Passion Sunday, because from this day the Church occupies herself exclusively with the contemplation of the passion and death of Christ. The pictures of Christ crucified are covered today in memory of his having hidden Himself from the Jews until His entrance into Jerusalem, no longer showing Himself in public.

How and why did Christ defend Himself against those who slandered Him?

Only by denying with the greatest modesty the things with which they reproached Him, saying that He had not a devil, that He was not a Samaritan, because He honored His Father not in their manner, but in His own. In repelling this calumny while He left the rest unanswered, Christ removed all doubt in regard to His divine mission, thus vindicating the honor of God, and securing the salvation of man. Christ thus teaches us by His own conduct to defend ourselves only against those detractions and insults which endanger the honor of God and the salvation of man, and then to defend ourselves with all modesty; by no means however to do it, if they injure only our own good name, for we should leave the restoration of that to God, as exemplified by Christ, who knows better than we how to preserve and restore it. Fr. Goffine