Tuesday in the Second Week of Lent

Ps 26:8-9
To You my heart speaks; You my glance seeks; Your presence, O Lord, I seek. Hide not Your face from me.
Ps 26:1
The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom should I fear?
V. Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Ghost.
R. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.
To You my heart speaks; You my glance seeks; Your presence, O Lord, I seek. Hide not Your face from me.

The Holy Face devotion is prayed after the 11:00 Sunday Mass in Davenport at Holy Family Church

Big, big news…

The Assumption of Mary painting restoration is now complete. In the video below you can catch a glimpse of it as it is being packaged for delivery. Joe Sampson and his construction crew will be installing it in at St Anthony church, Davenport next week. The installation of this large painting is a huge undertaking. Please pray for Joe and his crew that everything goes smoothly.

Big thanks to all of the former St Mary’s Davenport and current St Anthony’s parishioners and other friends of Our Lady, whose donations made this restoration possible. Thanks to John Cooper, of St Anthony’s parish staff, and Fr Rudy Juárez, Pastor for organizing and inspiring this project. Ave Maria gratia plena! Ora pro nobis.

Sunday 5 March- The Second Sunday of Lent: 11:00 Holy Family, Davenport- 2:30 St Patrick, Iowa City


Catechism, 9:30 Confessions, 10:15, Rosary, 10:40, High Mass, 11:00, Holy Face Devotion, after Mass. Fellowship meal in hall downstairs. (Davenport)

Confessions 2:10, High Mass 2:30, Catechism 4:00 in Hall (Iowa City)

The Gospel of the Transfiguration is a lesson on the Mass as well as a figure of the Mass. It teaches us the purpose of our Lenten work.

The mystical Christ now fasts forty days and thereby receives strength for a victorious onslaught against the devil. In all things the members follow the Head.

But the Gospels do not merely give instruction: they are spiritual dramas, i.e., they portray in symbol and express in sign what the Holy Sacrifice effects in actuality. In the Mass […], Christ appears, the transfigured Christ who “sits at the right hand of the Father.” To be sure we can see Him only with the eyes of faith… Moses and Elias also have roles, for the Law and the prophets bear witness to the fact that the Holy Sacrifice is the fulfillment of all they prefigured and prophesied. Moses and Elias speak of the Lord’s death, an event that is being realized before our eyes [in the Holy Mass]. Like Peter we stand on the mystic mount of transfiguration and say, “Lord, it is good for us to be here.”

5:30 pm 3 March- Stations of the Cross


Could you walk a mile in Jesus’s shoes? The Stations of the Cross bring us closer to Christ as we meditate on the great love He showed for us in His most sorrowful Passion!

You can pray the Stations of the Cross (also known as the Way of the Cross) alone at anytime, but people most often pray them in a group setting Friday nights during Lent.

Tradition traces this loving tribute to our Lord back to the Blessed Mother’s retracing her son’s last steps along what became known as the Via Dolorosa (the Sorrowful Way) on His way to His Crucifixion at Calvary in Jerusalem.

Adoration, First Friday devotions 4:00, Stations 5:30; Mass (NOM) follows at 6:00. Rev Fr Nicholas Akindele, presider.

NOVENA TO OUR LADY OF LOURDESPrayerBe blessed, O most pure Virgin, for having vouchsafed to manifest your shining with life, sweetness and beauty, in the Grotto of Lourdes, saying to the child, St. Bernadette: ‘I am the Immaculate Conception.’ A thousand times we congratulate you upon your Immaculate Conception. And now, O ever Immaculate Virgin, Mother of mercy, Health of the sick, Refuge of sinners, Comforter of the afflicted, you know our wants, our troubles, our sufferings: deign to cast upon us a look of mercy.By appearing in the Grotto of Lourdes, you were pleased to make it a privileged sanctuary, whence you dispense your favors, and already many have obtained the cure of their infirmities, both spiritual and physical. We come, therefore, with the most unbounded confidence to implore your maternal intercession. Obtain for us, O loving Mother, the granting of our request.(state your request)Through gratitude for your favors, we will endeavor to imitate your virtues, that we may one day share your glory.Our Lady of Lourdes, Mother of Christ, you had influence with your divine son while upon earth. You have the same influence now in Heaven. Pray for us; obtain for us from your Divine Son our special requests if it be the Divine Will. Amen.Our Lady of Lourdes, pray for us.Saint Bernadette, pray for us.