Consummatum est: It is finished

St John 19:30
“All that had been prophesied before my passion has been fulfilled. What then is there still for me to do?” St Augustine

“All the suffering, and all the mysteries which the Father decreed from all eternity that I should suffer and carry out, as He ordered from My very birth, and willed, moreover, that the prophets should foretell concerning Me. There remains only the final issue of death, to complete My course of suffering, to expiate thereby the penalty of death, which Adam incurred by sin, and to restore mankind to life. I therefore embrace it, and resign My spirit into the hands of My Father.” Fr Lapide

Holy Thursday

This Holy Day commemorates the night when Jesus last supped with his disciples and shared His priesthood with the Apostles, issuing to them all – and to us – the command to love, instituting the sacrament of the Most Holy Eucharist, “our spiritual food and sustenance”.